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Shipping - comfortable and without worries

Wet will send the shipment via DPD, but you can of course collect the goods in person as well – all over the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Treat yourself to goods worth CZK 1,000 and more, and we will multiply your joy - you will get free shipping. As for orders with lower values, the price of the selected forwarder applies.

We send goods, which has been in stock, within 24 hours

We will send your shipment within 24 hours, if the ordered goods is in stock. This means that you can enjoy new clothing or equipment within 1-2 working days already.

Continuous communication on our part

We will confirm your order via email. If there is any change or the order is trickier, we will immediately call you to discuss it. You will receive an email from us again on the day of dispatch of the goods, stating that the consignment is currently on its way to you.
Before you can collect the goods in person in a branch HeurekaPoint/Uloženka, you will get an SMS stating that you can pick up the goods. Thanks to the SMS you will have your order number and the handover of the goods will be faster.
In case of delivery via DPD the driver will send you an SMS with a proposed time for the delivery.


DPD - transportation services all over the Czech Republic (CZK 69)
DPD - transportation services all over Slovakia (CZK 149)

How DPD works

DPD will deliver the shipment on the next working day after receiving it from us. The maximum allowed weight of the package is 50 kg. In case of a larger consignment, the order will be split into multiple packages. This is convenient for you as well - at least you will be able to carry all that joy. :)

Before taking the goods over: The driver will contact you on the day of the delivery to arrange details of the delivery. He/she will tell you the approximate time of delivery, and potentially the required amount of cash in case of cash on delivery. The shipment is delivered at 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.  on weekdays as a standard. You can arrange for a specific time with the driver. If the driver does not reach you, you will get a notification and the driver will attempt to deliver the package again on the next working day.

During the takeover: You will confirm taking over the goods by signing a portable scanning device or by signing a distribution roster. The driver will state the exact time and the recipient's name in the distribution roster in block letters.

Damaged shipment upon receipt: If you find mechanical damage to the packaging and shipment at the moment of receipt of the goods, check the condition of the goods. In case the goods is damaged, insist on receiving a “report about the shipment damage" in the presence of the driver.

Never sign the handover protocol without checking, whether the packaging has not been damaged or disrupted during the transport. You have the right not to accept the shipment, which bears signs of having been damaged or tampered with.

Damaged shipment upon receipt: If, after receiving and unpacking the shipment, you notice damage to the contents of the shipment, please contact the customer service of DPD within 2 days (tel.: Czech Rep. - 841 700 700, SR – 841 700 700). The forwarding company will then send its employee to you, who draw up a report of this damage.

Communication with the forwarder: To communicate with DPD, use the 14-digit number of your shipment – here you can track the status of shipment.

Credit card payment: Forwarder DPD enables card payment on delivery.


You can collect the goods in person in vending locations (outlets) DPD Pickup (69 CZK). In wide network of local Pickup points you'll find 175 branches - local shops and the network of Ulozenka pickup points across the whole Czech Republic.

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