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We appreciate you and all the data that you entrust to us. We properly care for them according to the law, which we comply with without exceptions. We are also registered into the Public Register of Data Processing, which is managed by Personal Data Protection Authority.


Customer information is stored in compliance with applicable laws of the Czech Republic, especially the Act on Personal Data Protection no. 101/2000 Coll. as amended.

The company Piccollo spol. s.r.o. uses all data obtained from customers exclusively for internal needs of the company and does not provide them to third parties.

An exception are external carriers, who receive customers' personal data in the minimum extent necessary for the smooth delivery of goods. The company does not distribute personal data without the express consent of customers.

Piccollo spol. s.r.o. with their personal data, solely and exclusively to the extent permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, especially in § 5 par. 2 letter b) and § 5 part.6

Personal data can be deleted from the database on request from the customer.

Cookies will make your shopping easier

Cookies will make your shopping easier and web browsing more simple. Thanks to them:

  • You will complete the purchase easier and more conveniently. The browser will remember your login information and next time you visit a site, you will not have to enter it again.
  • You will get to the popular goods faster on the basis of what attracted you in a previous visit in our e-shop.
  • You will first see what interests you the most, and advertising will offer you special menus, which will be useful to you.

Cookies are small files, which enable us to distinguish your needs from needs of other website visitors by storing information in your browser. Do not be afraid, however, we are unable to identify you on the basis of this information.

Cookies make web browsing easier

We use cookies to adjust our website to suit your needs and to allow easier browsing. If you now continue browsing through our website without changing your browser settings, you thereby give us your consent to use cookies on our site.

Enjoy your shopping even more

We only use cookies, which increase your comfort and clear arrangement of our website.

The most common classification of cookies is the following:  short-term cookies are called "session cookies" and they are stored in the browser until its closure, and long-term cookies are called "persistent cookies". Long-term cookies remain in your browser for longer. The period of time of storage of cookies on your device depends on the file itself and on the settings of your browser.

Cookies are divided according to their function into:

  • Conversion – they allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of different sales channels
  • Tracking cookies - in combination with the conversion cookies, they help to evaluate the performance of different sales channels
  • Remarketing - we use them to personalize the content and for proper targeting of ads
  • Analytical – they help us understand how to use our web site, and how to increase your comfort when browsing
  • Essential – they are important for basic functionality of the web

Some cookies collect information, which is subsequently utilized by third parties, which directly support our promotional activities (i.e. "third-party cookies").

E.g. information about the products, which our customers buy on the web, may be displayed to an advertising agency. This agency, based on the evaluation of the behaviour, then adapts the display of online advertising banners displayed on your Web sites. We are unable to identify you on the basis of this information.

Banning cookies may impair functionality of the web

Of course, you have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser settings. After you ban cookies, it can happen that you will not be able to use all the interactive features of our website. For more information about cookies, see Wikipedia.

If you use different computers in multiple locations, customize settings of each browser according to your needs. For more information about browsers and how to adjust them for the cookies, see the following Web sites:

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