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How to do you shopping comfortably, easy and fast

Have a cup of aromatic coffee or your favourite tea and start shopping in the comfort of your home regardless of the opening hours. Our e-shop and shopping cart are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you know the exact name of the product (e.g. CASCADE), it can be found as quickly as possible through the search box at the top of our e-shop (magnifying glass icon).

If you want to look around first, click on anything you like:-) For example, you can start by clicking on the top bar with the main menu of our assortment. After clicking on it, a submenu appears (we call it “white sail"). The submenu will help you to choose the category, which you are most interested in.

The third click will take you to the page of the goods, which has caught your attention. Look at it, select the option that you like the most and go with it to the cart - now just click on the "Add to cart".

TIP: With your first purchase in our e-shop, you can enjoy the discount of 5% for a fast registration. And many other advantages, which you can find in the section Loyalty program.


Great, the goods is now in the cart. What now?

  • 1st step of the order- Goods: Now please check the quantity of each item. If you have a discount coupon or gift certificate, now is exactly the time when you can apply it.

TIP: Sometimes it may happen that people are so eager and happy about the advantageous purchase that they place the goods in the cart even ten times. Of course, we will be very pleased, if you buy those 10 pieces, but please be sure to check, if the number is correct. Thanks! :-)

  • 2nd step of the order– Transport and payment: Choose the payment service,w hich suits you.
  • 3rd step of the order– Contact: In the last step, simply fill in the contact information in the order. Send the order by clicking on "Send order".

Cool! The order has been sent. :-)


You have already clicked on the "Send Order" and suddenly you realize that you should buy another jacket? Or you change your mind a little later? Do not worry, we will solve it.

If we have not sent the goods yet, no problem. You can still change the size or color of the goods, or even the delivery address, just call us immediately. We will modify the order through the phone.

If we were faster and the shipment is already on its way to you, it will be a bit more tricky. Once your items arrive, send them back to us with a request for replacement. If we have the goods for replacement in stock, we will immediately replace it. If we do not have it in stock, we will refund your money.

Call our customer hot line for help: 225 386 421


After sending the order, you will receive the confirmation to your e-mail. If you pay for the goods online, we will be glad to confirm through e-mail that the payment was successful.

Once we hand the shipment over to the forwarder, we will inform you. On the delivery date, you can expect an SMS from the DPD driver with a proposal of time, when the driver would like to deliver the goods to you.

Before you go to pick up your goods with light steps and joy to the point of sales HeurekaPoint/Uloženka, please wait for the confirmation SMS that your shipment is ready to be picked up.

TIP: Monitor the condition of your order online. Check the shipment very carefully upon delivery. If the shipment is visibly damaged, insist on writing down a reoport about the damaged shipment.

Write to us