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Gift certificates - more then a last minute

The best gift is the one, which the person’s heart desires. However, if you do not know the heart’s wishes of your close ones or colleagues, a gift certificate is the ideal solution.

People rejoice from gifts virtually anytime and anywhere, usually even more from large gifts;-) We offer you – the gift bringer – gift certificates in multiple values and in unlimited quantities:

  • CZK 500 – you will certainly please them, but not spoil them
  • CZK 1,000 – you will awaken their imagination and anticipation of buying
  • CZK 2.000 – the probability of 99% that you will accomplish the level of joy, which you want
  • CZK 5,000 – you will surpass expectations and maybe even some tears of happiness will appear.

TIP: Do you think that a gift certificate for 2,000 CZK is not enough, but 5,000 CZK is too much? You can combine e.g. gift certificates for 2,000 and CZK 1,000.

So... are we going to make your close ones more or less happy? :-)
Click on this link to purchase: gift certificate.


Place gift certificate JS2 into the cart, as well as the goods. Go through the steps of the order and send it to us by clicking on "Send Order".

Currently, we can only issue a gift certificate for payment in advance. We are not happy about this, but before we solve this, please pay for the gift certificate payment by credit card or bank transfer.


Once you pay for the gift certificate, you will receive an email in .jpg format, as an image. You can then just send it to the relevant person in the electronic form or print it out and hand the gift over in person.

The gift certificate always includes its given monetary value and validity, i.e. one year from the date of issuance of the gift certificate. Moreover, there is an important code on the certificate, which the person receiving the gift certificate can apply in the 1st step of his/her purchase in the shopping cart.

TIP: Printing and sealing of the gift certificate into a transparent foil will cost you several tens of crowns, but a laminated gift certificate printed in high-quality colours will shimmer beautifully. Imagine how happy you would be about such a certificate. :-)

We only send gift certificates in the electronic form so far. We consider launching the service of printing and lamination. Would you appreciate it? Please let us know, your opinion is very important.


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